ICE-O-Phone (Segment from: Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson)

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Glenn Weyant


ICE-O-PHONE is a lo-rez segment from an external/internal recording do out later this month titled: Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson.

The ICE-O-PHONE is an invention of original design I use to explore the natural resonance of ice in recording the external audio environment.

The process of the ice reverting to water/gas results in pops, hisses and crackling.

There are also some feedback tones from the high amplification used.

Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson will be made available around June 20, 2010 as high quality downloads and limited edition, handcrafted and numbered double disc sets (only twenty copies will be produced).

The full recording utilizes techniques and ideas I've discovered and developed during a lifetime of listening to what is not usually heard.

The raw material for this recording comes from roughly 100 hours of sound gathered in the City of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

An additional 40 plus hours of orchestrating, editing and mixing the sounds culminated in the final recordings.  

For more information about Listening With Asperger's Ears To Tucson, stay tuned or email me directly.