Give Me Littering Or Give Me Death

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Glenn Weyant




GIVE ME LITTERING OR GIVE ME DEATH  is an immersive sound work for USA v. Daniel Millis, No. 09-10134 court audio, Electric Ferris Box and child-size violin.

The court audio was spliced and looped extensively to replicate the swamp of legal mumbo jumbo that permits building walls and roads in critical border habitat but simultaneously makes examples of American's doing what they do best: Helping people in need, regardless of race, religon or nationality.

Dan is a guy who found the body of a 14-year-old Salvadoran girl named Josseline who was migrating to America through the Southern Arizona, Sonoran desert.

His experiences in the borderlands motivated him to help other migrants from suffering the same fate.

So he started leaving water jugs in the desert.

A short time later, while distributing water jugs along migrant trails near the border, he was stopped by federal authorities and issued a citation.

The ticket was written for "littering."

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