World Listening Day 2015 : FIVE H2O IMPRESSIONS

Bonus Track 2: World Listening Day Cocktail

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Glenn Weyant
Glenn Weyant


A Cocktail For World Listening Day 2015 : H2O

(at least here in Tucson, Arizona, USA)

Make your own and hear it for yourself.

Two ounces of H20 from Mexico (contained within blue agave plants and fermented)

Four ounces of natural mineral water from Italy (carbonated)

Three Arizona Ice Cubes (a frozen blend of water from the Colorado River and local aquifer)

Water from Brazil contained in half a lime.

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.

Strain and pour into a glass (salted rim optional).

Garnish with lime.




world listening day 2015 cocktail