Seven Black Angles: Feedback Suite

First Black Angle: Obtuse

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Seven Black Angles is a feedback collaboration between myself, Barry Chabala, Matt Sekel and Mike Yarrish. For this work all participants utilized feedback generated through unique methods to create four separate "seed" tracks which were then remixed, manipulated and edited by each musician to create four separate sonic outcomes. Barry's original track was created with laptop, mic and speakers. Matt's original track was created with processed guitar and effects. Mike's original track was created with no-input feedback and electronic effects amplified. My contribution was generated by an instrument of original design(FeedForward aka: Spokes and Sound) and pump organ. The parameters for this project were as follows: 1. Each musician recorded a feedback "seed" track then made it available to the other participants. 2. Each participant then collected the tracks, manipulated and responded to them. Seven Black Angles is my vision of the final mix. Matt's piece titled: "Feedback4Quartet" and Mike's piece titled: "New Machines Not Safe", can be foundHERE. Barry's piece titled: "new, improved lowfat eric" can be foundHERE.

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