School of Music At The University of Arizona Sounding



School of Music At The University of Arizona Sounding


For nearly a decade now I've been working with The University of Arizona as both an instrument and as a location for field recordings. While largely ignored by the Tucson community for it's sonic properties, I find the campus a rich sound pallet with astonishing diversity.

Over the past couple of months I've had the pleasure of roaming the halls of the School of Music where the sounds of instruments being practiced steadily ebb, flow and mingle with those of people passing and the tones of the physical building itself.

And unlike a traditional performance where one has an assigned seat, the School of Music halls offers unlimited opportunities for listening.

Because the halls are is a constant state of flux, I find listening to be ideal when moving about, and leaving the mix up to the Doppler Effect when possible.

12/1/11 18:03 is the first sound installment in what I expect will be an occasional series of soundings from this and other locations.

The recordings were made using a Zoom H2 on 12/1/11 over a period of roughly 30 minutes. The .wav files were then imported into CuBase and mutil-tracked into the final work. The files are for the most part "untouched" by effects aside from some equalization.

And last but certainly not least, a tip o'the hat to  Christopher DeLaurenti and his seminal work Favorite Intermissions  which was/is a powerful listening influence.