Live at the ASA: 02/09/08

Kestrel 920 02/09/08: Live at the ASA

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Glenn Weyant


On a warm Friday morning in February 2008 I was fortunate to be a part of a lecture series at The Arizona Senior Academy nestled in the Rincon Mountains east of the city. The event was part of the Chamber Music Plus Arizona Cultural Forum series, and the turnout included people who have a life-long passion for sound and music. Following the show and a brief question and answer period, I encouraged the audience to come up and give the Kestrel 920 a try. Which they did: Enthusiastically. Too often music is compartmentalized by age. This is for young people. That is for old people. And so on. But at the ASA gig I was honored to see everyone's enthusiasm and interest in sound/music/instruments transcended that artificially created barrier. At the event's end I think I may have enjoyed the subsequent conversations with the audience about as much as the opportunity to create a sound sculpture. This track is from that gig. Enjoy.