Improvisations For The Kestrel 920

Glenn Weyant


In The Sea Of Key: Is a solo track of The Kestrel 920 from Seven Transharmonic Explorations In Multitonal Omnivibrationalism: Volume Six.

 See DISCS for more details on the release.

The Kestrel 920, is a sound transmogrifer designed and calibrated by Glenn Weyant to amplify and exploit the nano and overt vibrations created through percussive blows, bowing, electromagnetic fields and assorted manipulation.

At the heart of Kestrel 920 is a segment of found lumber that has been hollowed to create a resonation chamber for the mounting of a contact microphone.

The lumber has been strategically mounted with found objects mostly including: a tuned dust pan, a deconstructed satellite dish mount, assorted screws, nails, bungee cords, wires and springs.

The vibrations and subsequent tones created by the manipulation of these objects passes into/and is translated by the grain of the lumber where it is captured by the contact microphone, boosted, processed and eventually broadcast.

Glenn Weyant


One Hand Raised: A track from Seven Transharmonic Explorations In Multitonal Omnivibrationalism: Volume Six.

See DISCS for details.

One Hand Raised: For this piece, recorded in a single day over a period of six hours, the Kestrel 920 acted as the initiator track.

An improvisational piano performance was then played in response. Subsequently the first Kestrel 920 performance was erased and a second performance was recorded in response to the piano track.

The piano track was then erased and re-recorded in response to the newly recorded Kestrel 920 track.

This process of improvising and rerecording was completed ten times.

The result is a blending of evolution and divine intervention.