Glitch Meditations

Glitch Meditation One

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Glenn Weyant


I own an inexpensive laptop that, like myself, suffers from memory stress.

Recently I've discovered a new random chaos technique which involves loading a music program with .wav files much too large for the computer's memory to handle.

I then save the tracks into a single file.

During that process a computer "glitch" shortens some tracks into loops, fragments others, and in general performs tasks not requested.

Embracing the "glitch" has allowed me to enter into a true collaboration with my computer.

In these creative ventures the computer human relationship has been subverted from slave and master to creative partners.

The three meditations above have resulted from our recent collaborations. Hope you enjoy.

Embrace the glitch. A full 60 minute disc with additional tracks is available by contacting me directly. NO LONGER AVAILABLE