EXTRACTED EARTH: A Sonic Work Without Listeners

Yana (excerpt)

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Glenn Weyant



Yana, a Sanskrit word meaning "vehicle" but often used to suggest a "path," ::: piano/ eternal feedback/ whispers/ water.

This track is a five minute segment from EXTRACTED EARTH: A Sonic Work Without Listeners.

 The full work is a limited edition, four disc box set, signed and numbered.

For more details about purchasing a disc set with additional tracks by contacting me directly.

EXTRACTED EARTH is an immersive sonic environment consisting of four individual works to be played simultaneously or at erratic intervals upon no less than eight speakers/four stereo systems within an equal proximity of hearing distance in repeat-all mode to create unique user generated combinations and performance possibilities.

While each disc can be enjoyed for it's own properties, EXTRACTED EARTH is designed to be a participatory immersion experience.

In the traditional dynamic there is the Sound Creator (the person who creates the sound/recording) and the Sound Listener (the person who consumes the final product).

The relationship dead-ends when the act of creation is transferred into a passive state of being.

With EXTRACTED EARTH the Sound Listener becomes an active arbitrator of the performance and the passive is expunged, becoming in essence a Sound Creator, by deciding how many discs will be played, in what sequence, in what locations and so on.