August Construction: Street Where They Live (Parts 1-4)

August Construction: The Street Where They Live (Part I)

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As usual, I’m interested in finding new ways of deconstructing modern instrument traditional utilizations and challenging presumed performance/sonic boundaries and limitations. This month the focus falls upon a roughly 25 year old electric guitar I borrowed from my brother in 1989 and plan to return eventually. The guitar was prepared eight times in different configurations with a variety of items used to alter tone and create new opportunities for sound sculpting.Prepared Guitar: Configuration A62-P. August Construction:(Parts I-IV) is a series of multi-tracked duets from this session. The construction involves improvising a track in one channel (panned left/right) and then recording a response in the other (panned left/right) with a new, unique preparation. Unlike other projects, EQ/compression/ volume/ sustain were the only effects used in the creation of this work. The sounds created speak for themselves and I hope you find them enjoyable. A full 60 minute disc with additional tracks is availableby contacting me directly.